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Brand: GeneScience Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd

Active substance: Somatropin

Strength: 10iu

Packaging: (10 x 10iu vials) Kit

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Buy KIGTROPIN 100IU Online

Buy KIGTROPIN 100IU is used in medicine to treat muscle atrophy, to restore the skin after severe burns, to promote accelerated healing of wounds (including post-operative ones), to prevent catabolism and to increase anabolic reactions in the body (creative).

KIGTROPIN 100IU is created using secretion technology. Genetically modified E.coli bacteria secrete human body’s identical somatropin which is then isolated and freeze dried. This method produces a very stable form of a molecule, which is otherwise too fragile to survive room temperatures or shaking.

Advantages KIGTROPIN

Buy KIGTROPIN 100IU gives some advantages below:

  • Losing Cellulite and Wrinkles
  • 8.8% average increase in muscle and lean body structures
  • Return of sexual potency, drive and pleasure
  • Restful sleep (even for insomniacs)
  • Improved mood and sense of well being
  • Hair color restoration and growth
  • Return of vitality, energy, stamina
  • Improved memory, alertness & concentration
  • Substantial increase in bone density
  • Improved vision, cholesterol & blood pressure
  • Faster recovery from injuries
  • Greatly enhanced immunity and resistance to infection
  • Enhanced brain function, retention of intellect with aging
  • Improvement in Alzheimer and Parkinson’s syndromes
  • Improved exercise tolerance
  • Improved heart and kidney function
  • Greater cardiac output
Side effects KIGTROPIN 100IU

Buy KIGTROPIN 100IU may give you some side effects.Many side effects are generally the result of HGH abuse. Never use recombinant Human Growth Hormone therapy without a valid reason or without the express consent of a Hormone Doctor or other qualified medical physician. If you abuse Growth Hormone, there is a real chance you may experience the following issues:

  • Acromegaly, ¬†which is the abnormal growth of cartilage and bone, especially those of the face, jaw, hands and feet
  • Coarse skin, caused by enhanced division rate of skin cells
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Joint growth
  • Deepening of the voice due to larynx growth
  • Arthritis

Using bio-identical HGH does come with some risks that you should be aware of.

The following are minor side effects that you may experience:

  • Sometimes HGH injections can cause slight numbness or tingling of the skin, specifically around the injection site.
  • Injections can also cause soreness and irritation around where injections are administered. Rotating injection sites frequently reduces this risk.

The following are symptoms that you may experience as a result of therapeutic HGH therapy.

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