IGTROPURE (Recombinant IGF-1 LongR3) 100MCG – 10 VIALS BOX by MEDITECH

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Manufacturer: Meditech

Strength: 100mcg

Packaging: 100mcg x 10 Vials




Buy IGTROPURE is an analog of human insulin-like growth factor 1 that has been bioengineered for use in cell culture during production of recombinant proteins in human cells.

Buy IGTROPURE 100MCG promotes cell proliferation and increases cell survival and productivity through better proliferative and anti-apoptotic signaling.

As long as levels are within a normal range, most adults don’t have to use a supplement. For bodybuilders, people trying to lose weight, or those who are otherwise deficient, supplementing with IGTROPURE can help in achieving specific goals you’re trying to achieve. Noting the appropriate dosage levels and dosing instructions is imperative to ensure your safety when injecting.

The protein was created by substituting the negatively-charged glutamic acid (E) at amino acid 3 with a positively-charged arginine (R) and extending the N-terminal end of the peptide by 13 amino acids (MFPAMPLSSLFVN), a sequence derived from the Met-porcine growth hormone followed by the dipeptide Val-Asn

Advantages IGTROPURE 100MCG

Some Benefits to Buy IGTROPURE 100MCG and some of the reasons why it has substantial advantages include:

  • It facilitates protein synthesis in the body.
  • It regulates the storage of fat and channels it to be used for the production of energy. This results in a noticeable fat loss.
  • Promotes positive effects on metabolism; increasing lean body mass and decreases fat
  • It increases the regenerative properties of the body’s nerve tissues.
  • Upregulates anti-oxidant benefit and ligament strength
  • It boosts hyperplasia in muscle cells, which leads to fuller muscle tissues.
  • Optimal IGF-1 and growth hormone levels are crucial to bone development during childhood and throughout adult life.
Side effects

The following side effects may occur:

  • Headache,
  • nausea,
  • hypoglycemia,
  • excessive growth of existing tumors,
  • excessive growth of the internal organs

IGTROPURE 100MCG is used in bodybuilding only by the athletes, who do not care about the folic damage and who would do anything for a kilogram more muscle mass. The athletes, who are concerned about their health, do not use IGTROPURE and should not think about it.

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