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Brand: Meditech

Strength: 100mcg

Packaging: 100mcg x 10 Vials box




Buy IGTROPIN 100MCG is important when developing cell culture processes, in order to optimize the concentration of IGF-1 LONG R3 used and feeding strategies. It is also important when developing a purification process, to demonstrate clearance of the growth factor from the supernatant.

IGTROPIN is popular in the bodybuilding industry and for people who workout regularly. It helps improve the recovery time after workout, helps give you a “pump” during your workout, and can help individuals achieve fitness goals they’ve struggled with without supplementation.

Buy IGTROPIN is an analog of IGF-1 that was developed for use in cell culture to promote cell growth and recombinant pro-tein expression by cell lines. It maximizes the growth-promoting functions of IGF-1, but avoids the complicated interactions of the regulatory pathways that have evolved around it.


Athletes who have already used IGTROPIN are largely of the opinion that dosages below 20mcg per day do not produce any results. IGF-1 Long R3 is intended to develop its optimal utility at 100-140mcg per day.

An IGTROPIN cure usually extends over a period of 4-6 weeks, with the daily dose being distributed to 2 injections after the sport. After a cure, a break should be taken for at least the same period of time as otherwise there is an increased risk of antibody formation and the body would get used to IGF-1 Long R3.

Side Effects of IGTROPIN

It should be well noted that the continuous administration of IGTROPIN in high doses has been confirmed to cause hypoglycemia, but in this case, it is not as severe as that caused by insulin. It is also stipulated but highly debated that Buy IGTROPIN can increase the size of a tumor in cancer patients. Even though this factor might be true in patients with existing cancer cases, everyone should be aware that IGF-1 does not cause cancer. In fact, the human body requires IGF-1 LONG R3 to regulate heart functions, brain cell stimulation and to improve the functioning of the nervous system.

People with low IGF-1 LONG R3 levels generally have a lower protein count and a smaller lean body mass. This can be very unhealthy. You should also know that whenever you have a headache, you don’t need a whole bottle of painkillers. Equally, whenever you are on this medication, you should make sure that you administer it in the correct way so that you can avoid some ignorant mistakes and adverse side effects. Premium Supplier Steroids provide to you the best quality of IGF-1 LONG R3.


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  1. Martial

    Placed my first order three days ago and Igtropin arrived today. Simple process and significantly cheaper. Approx 30% cheaper.

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